From the worst to the best, everything from America's finest whomp-rock band
Grab some ice and bring your chair, there's drinking to be done
Don't think too much about what might lie beneath still waters.
It's the little things you miss when the big things go away
The best there ever was has gone silent. Drink up.
Bless my soul, it's time to talk about Mr. Presley
On choices, consequences, and not killing your neighbors
In which I try an amateur version of "Hot Ones," dousing chicken wings with the fires of Hell and then devouring them
An ode to an America more real than the real America
Y'all come set a spell and mind y'manners, you hear?
If you're going to get something named for you, go big or stay home
We're makin' it fast, 'cause we know you're in a got-damn hurry