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Hi Jay, As always, it's thrilling to see what an incredible journalist you have become! Today's article hit especially close to home having helped hundreds of children learn how to read. I moved out of Florida two years ago in part because of the anti-education sentiment that is growing there. It breaks my heart that my grandchildren have to live in a state that encourages book banning.

I now live in Philadelphia and from my apartment window I can see Eastern State Penitentiary. As the website states, "Known for its grand architecture and strict discipline, this was the world's first true “penitentiary,” a prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of prisoners. It began operation in 1827 and closed in 1971. Its most famous prisoner was Al Capone. On the other side of my building is The Philadelphia Museum of Art, famous for the Calder mobiles and the Rocky steps. And of course, less than 2 miles away is Independence Hall. Come for a visit anytime!

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