Breakfast burrito with the hot green chili at Santiago’s in Denver. These are hand held, come wrapped in aluminum foil, for just over $2 each. Absolutely delish and the type of green chili is unique to Colorado, it’s almost orange in color.

You have to get there before about 11:00 AM, that’s when they typically run out of them. They sell hundreds of them on Saturdays. You will be standing in line, but it moves pretty fast.

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Oct 17, 2022·edited Oct 17, 2022

You may well have hit Doumar's in Norfolk during your stint in the 'Burg. Handmaking ice cream cones since 1905, preserving tradition in this town for many decades. Still the best; still has walk-up carhop service (to ensure I spill mustard on my seats); still dirt cheap. To wit:

- Minced 'cue w/ slaw sandwich and house hot sauce $3.40

- Taylor Pork Roll $4.90

- Fries $2.00

- Fresh Limeade $2.10

- (Off-menu order) The Reggie, a milkshake with bits of handmade cone in it $3.70

A feast for $16.10. With tax and tip (tipping those fine folks at least 25% just feels right) it comes to $22.44. A second limeade is reasonable. Maybe a second sammie or fries, as portions reflect the norms of a more judicious era, and then you're at $28. But you're absolutely stuffed and will fight slumber as you drive home.

As those of us born with a greasy spoon in their mouth know, these spots are worth heralding, even if outsiders don't see the light, so press on! Thanks.

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Pirates Cove, Pass Christian, MS. If you ever find yourself in a Biloxi Casino (“Caseenah”), make the drive westward for the sloppiest, tastiest roast beef po-boy you could ever get all over yourself. Bring your Beau Rivage towel with you. With $28, you’ll have hours of money left over for when you get back to the nickel slots.

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My go-to for 50+ years has been Gene and Jude’s in River Grove, Il. It has been open since 1945 and has been voted Best Hot Dogs in America. A dimly lit, small building where you can smell the grease in the air from the freshly cut fries.

We call them Rubber Dogs because they snap when you bite them. A double dog, mustard and relish with a 1/2 pound of fries stuffed into the bun!

In the old days if you asked for ketchup the response would be “You’re not from around here are you”, now ask and you will hear “McDonald’s is next door”.

If you go, one bit of advice. Don’t go between 11:30a and 1pm, M-F. Made that mistake once and the guy in front of me ordered 75 dogs.

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